Since 1939, WIX® Filters has been an innovator in filtration products. WIX designs, manufactures and distributes products for automotive, diesel, agricultural, industrial and specialty filter markets. Its product line includes oil, air, cabin interior, fuel, coolant, transmission and hydraulic filters for automobiles, trucks, off-road equipment and manufacturing applications. For more information, visit www.wixfilters.com (Desktop Version).

WIX Headquarters
WIX Filtration Products
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P.O. BOX 1967
Gastonia, NC

Fax:  (704) 864-9277

8:00am to 5:00pm EST
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Filter Locations

Fuel Filter Locations

A ECF = Engine Compartment Front
B ECC = Engine Compartment Center
C ECR = Engine Compartment Rear
D ECFDS = Engine Compartment Front Driver Side
E ECFPS = Engine Compartment Front Passenger Side
F ECRDS = Engine Compartment Rear Driver Side
G ECRPS = Engine Compartment Rear Passenger Side
H FRF = Frame Front
I FRC = Frame Center
J FRR = Frame Rear
K FRFDS = Frame Front Driver Side
L FRFPS = Frame Front Passenger Side
M FRCDS = Frame Center Driver Side
N FRCPS = Frame Center Passenger Side
O FRRDS = Frame Rear Driver Side
P FRRPS = Frame Rear Passenger Side
Q FTA = Fuel Tank Area
R IFT = In Fuel Tank

Cabin Air Filter Locations

1 Passenger Side Under Hood and Cowl
2 Passenger Side Under Hood In Cowl
3 Behind Glove Box (glove box must be removed)
4 Under Glove Box
5 In Rear of Glove Box (compartment in back in glove box)
6 Under Center of Dash
7 Behind Passenger Side Interior Kick Panel
8 Under Hood in Center
9 Rear Cargo Area - Drive's Side Trim Panel